soap free dog shampoo best for itchy skin

All You Should Know About The Best Soap Free Dog Shampoo

Dogs and puppies often play in puddles and dirt. Most of the pet owners feel that washing the dog often strips off the oil from their skin and coat.

Can we use human shampoo for the dogs?

It may be tempting to use human shampoo and conditioner for your dog, but it can be risky. The skin pH levels of your dog and humans are different. Hence, it is not a good idea to use human shampoo for your dog.

Dogs, usually, have sensitive skin. Human shampoo can be harsh for the dogs. Such products can be harsh on the skin as they may contain chemicals that lead to dryness of skin and hair. One should use soap free dog shampoo best for itchy skin to avoid skin irritations.

How often should u bathe your dog?

This depends on the breed of the dog and lifestyle. If your dog spends time playing in dirt, then it can be smelly. Plain water rinse or full shampoo baths can help to clean the dog. If your dog stays indoors, you may not have to bathe it frequently. Generally, you can bathe your dog every four to six weeks.

soap free dog shampoo

What would happen if you bathe your dog too often?

Just like the humans, shampooing too often leads to dryness and irritation. Excessive shampooing a dog’s hair can cause scratchiness and even lesions.  You can consider a daily brushing schedule to clean the hair.

Tips on how to bathe your dog

Bathing your dog needs a little planning. Before bathing, you can remove any tangles or debris from the hair. You should make the bathing room or bathroom ready for the dog. Lay down towels or waterproof sheets before your dog walks in. Make sure that the water is lukewarm. Introduce the water to the dog slowly and gently. Spray their backs first and move to the other body parts. Avoid using shampoo on the face and eyes. You can use a soft brush in the direction of hair growth or use pads for cleaning their coat. Rinse thoroughly.

Once the bathing is done, you can use a special dog conditioner to seal the hair cuticles. After washing the conditioner, you can wrap the dog in an absorbent towel. Do not rub the skin as it can tangle the hair. It is advisable to keep the dog in a warm towel and surrounding until they are completely dry.

How to buy the best soap free dog shampoo?

There are many online destinations selling soap free dog shampoo and you should choose the best one that suits your specific requirements. Using all natural and organic shampoo that is gentle on their skin and hair is advisable for the dogs. Made from cruelty-free products, it is completely safe and natural. Such products nourish the hair and leave your dog’s skin soft and smooth.

Bathing your dog with soap free shampoo helps to restore the skin’s natural oils and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Buy the best dog shampoo for the best results.

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