property staging services in Sydney

What Are Property Staging Services?

You have just put your property on the market.  Great! Now how are you going to make it stand out from all the other properties on the market?  If those other properties are looking a lot fresher than yours, chances are those other properties have been staged.

Property staging services in Sydney definition

What are property staging services in Sydney?  Property staging services in Sydney is a process of showing your home off to its best advantage, so it will appeal to the greatest number and variety of potential buyers. Property staging services in Sydney is not interior decorating, nor is it interior design.

Rather, property staging services in Sydney is a little bit of all those things and more.  And there is a deadline. Ideally you want your home staged both inside and out prior to it hitting the market.  And the process needs to involve and have commitment from the entire family to ensure the best possible result. The best possible result is your home selling for a top market price.

You know how much easier it will be to settle into your new home if your previous home achieves the type of sale price you want.  The extra funds can help with your costs, assist in redecorating, or go straight into your emergency fund. It’s hard to believe, but according to recent studies property staging services in Sydney can provide up to a 300% return on investment.

property staging services in Sydney
property staging services in Sydney

That’s a huge return, and possible because to be effective, every part of the staging is carefully planned from the beginning. There is no place for impulse buying, no place for wandering off the planned track, because with property staging services in Sydney you have a fixed budget and you can’t go against what you have originally planned. So as you can see well planned well executed property staging services in Sydney is the perfect choice for time poor sellers who want to increase the perceived value of their home as well as achieve a sale in the shortest time frame.

Quick property staging services in Sydney tips

In today’s market your aim is to sell your home as quickly as possible for the highest price available.  Whether up sizing or downsizing sellers and realtors are now beginning to realise just how effective property staging services in Sydney can be when a people like you are keen to move on to a better sized or more conveniently located home. Here is some property staging services in Sydney tips to get you started.

First action is to declutter and remove all non-essential items.  Non-essential items are all those ornaments, decorative knick knacks, family photos, trophies.  Once you have identified those, move on to non-essential furniture, clothing and appliances. In fact as the aim is to make your home look appealing to all demographics, the old adage “less is more” holds true.  If you won’t be using it in the next few weeks out it goes. Lease a storage unit, garage or a removals company to store all these items until you are going to need them again.

Engage a home inspector, tradesperson or even your realtor to enable you to obtain a comprehensive list of possible repairs and maintenance.  Homes need to be carefully inspected for faulty pipes, plumbing, electrical, heating and/or cooling issues. Any issues need to be taken care of prior to the property being placed on the market.

Get the family involved in a brainstorming session. Include the extended family as well for a variety of ideas.  If you can afford it, hire a professional stager. A professional stager will give you the benefit of their industry experience. DIY staging is possible, but you will need to set aside a lot of time and energy to get the result you want.